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Comments about my music from people around the world

Cafe Pierre valse musette

More French than Continental. I like this style of waltz. People in France, I believe, associate this music with sunshine, muse and romantic enterprise. Played on the accordion it’s the best French article there is. No French film can do without it. La Belle Alsace, Adieu and Pass a’Alvra by the same composer are fine examples of this musical idiom.

Pont-les-Moulins valse musette

Perfect in the form and style of Accordéon Musette. I wish I could play the Accordéon. Leo

Jingle Bells my arrangement

I was listening to your piece and enjoying all of the wonderful movement and colour. I thought the piece was lively and thoroughly entertaining. Good job.

Moulin Rouge valse musette

“La vie est belle,” and so is this enchanting waltz! As the first strains of the waltz began to play, I am transported to the Seine overlooking Notre Dame. It is a slightly overcast day. An artist is sketching the cathedral on a canvas on his sidewalk easel overlooking the riverbank. A basket over may sic–oops! arm contains a bottle of Bordeaux, a fresh baguette, a small wheel of brie, and some fresh fruit. A beautiful mademoiselle by my side (oops! I’m married…make that my WIFE by my side) looks longingly into my eyes, while a street musician plays this tune on his accordion. Love is in the air! – This piece is absolutely charming! It certainly captures the spirit and feeling of the Parisian accordion waltz. The melody and harmony are simple, yet interesting turns keep the listener’s attention. While it is not in the same league as a Beethoven symphony, for its genre it is superb!

Magnifique! 10/10

The French instructor at Imperial Valley College, where I teach, often has a French dinner each spring, I will suggest this (and other compositions of yours) as possible background music for the evening.

As an afterthought, at times, my string quartet has played popular French tunes for this dinner. What would be the possibility of obtaining permission to transcribe this waltz for string quartet?

Le Jura Bernois Valse Musette

10 out of 10


When I listened to this for the first time out of about 9, it felt like I was in Paris for a moment. You have obviously put a good lot of work in to this and I just want to say I love it.

Souvenir de Lille

8 out of 10

Enjoyable to listen to

I don’t know anything about accordion music, but I greatly enjoyed listening to this piece, and in my book that makes it a good piece of music.

General comments

Hello Fred!

I have recently been reviewing your FANTASTIC! Music and playing a few of your Valses for my friends and teacher at my college of music. I have also recently joined Sibeliusmusic, and I have a very encouraging feedback for my compositions. It’s not often you stumble across a gifted composer on sibeliusmusic in my opinion, but when you do its a sheer delight to listen to the composers work. I am a keen admirer of your work and I would like to ask for your permission to arrange a few of your valses for full orchestra?, Keep up the good work!.

“I find your music so refreshing and stimulating, and I enjoy playing them very much.”

“Dear Fred, I would like to place another order for your music which I find very delightful.

When I play them in public I get very nice comments”

“I came across your website while searching for information on Accordion

music and was very impressed by your music pages. I would like to place an order.”

“All of your pieces that I have heard or played have been most enjoyable –

original, musical, of varying styles and with very pleasing harmonies and

melodies. They also suit a wide range of player abilities with some of them

being pretty challenging but really rewarding!”

Hi, I’m a student from the London Film Academy and we are doing a 10 mins. student film on 16mm. Its a beautiful script written by one of our fellow students called The Mandolin Player. The script very obviously demands great music, because that will either make or break the film. Having said that we as students, are working on no budget right now. But we really really want this to happen in the best possible way. I was wondering if you could help us in composing music for our film. Would appreciate any kind of help.

It makes composing all the more enjoyable and rewarding when people have nice things to say, such as the above comments.